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Best Silver Trading Brokers allowed to trade in Nigeria. Rating with real reviews

JustMarkets is a broker who helps people make money in the financial markets by offering them the best conditions. Our international brokerage allows us to work with clients all over the globe. This allows us to recognize that everyone has their own values. When developing our services, we take into account the different cultures, countries and trading experiences of our clients. JustMarkets offers a range of trading accounts that offer many trading tools so that every trader can find the right one. We keep an eye on current trends to improve the services we offer traders as well as partners. We want them to be able to do the things they love without being distracted by other things.
JustMarkets Pros
Easy-to-use trading platforms for desktop, mobile, and web.
There are many forex currency pairs that can be traded.
Spreads starting from 0.0 pip with fast execution speeds
Copy trading and managed accounts
To test your trading online, demo accounts are available.
There are many options for quick and simple payments.
Islamic accounts for Muslim traders
MAM accounts
Social trading supported
Support team available 24/7
Bank accounts are kept separate from client funds
JustMarkets Cons
US clients are not accepted
Spreads High
Absence of top-tier regulations
The number of trading instruments is limited
Clients from other countries won't be accepted
After several days of inactivity you could be subject to Inactivity fees
Withdrawals charged
No FIX API connectivity
Provide premium trading conditions and institutional services to traders and businesses looking for that extra edge in trading. Flexible products and the best solutions for our clients are what we believe in. No matter whether we are providing services for individuals or businesses, it doesn't matter. We guarantee that we will never let you down.
Scope Markets Pros
There are many trading tutorials and courses available.
Support available 24/5, multilingual
Access to MT5
Commissions low
Spreads are quite tight
Market news, updates and webinars regularly
Scope Markets Cons
Instruments for trading with limited restrictions
No demo account
High initial deposit
Our online trading platform is a leader in the industry, giving you access to thousands of financial markets and allowing you to trade. CFDs allow thousands of traders to profit from opportunities on shares, forex, indices and other financial markets. We are the No. 1 CFD provider in the world, and more traders trust us with money than anyone else. IG International has been licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority to engage in investment and digital asset trading.
IG International Limited Pros
You have great withdrawal and deposit options
Web trading platform of the highest quality
Excellent educational tools
IG International Limited Cons
Slow customer service
CFD and forex fees are high
Limited product portfolio
VT Markets is part of the Vantage Group, which gives it access to the MetaTrader suite and its own VT Pro trading apps. Despite offering a variety of third-party features, VT Markets is unable to compete with top forex brokers because of its limited research materials, lack of educational content and small number of markets.
VT Markets Pros
VT Markets is a regulatory body in one tier-3 jurisdiction. It is also part of Vantage Group which has licenses in two tier-1 countries.
VT Markets provides the complete MetaTrader suite and premium trading tools from Trading Central.
Trading costs at VT Markets vary from an average rate (when you use the VT Markets ECN Account) to a high price (if you choose the Standard account option).
VT Pro - The broker's mobile app - is simple to use and provides news headlines as well as research.
VT Markets has indemnity insurance as an addition to its regulatory protection.
Third-party support such as ZuluTrade copy trading and trading signals via Acceage
VT Markets Cons
VT Markets has fewer than 200 symbols, compared with the wide range of markets available at Saxo Bank and IG.
VT Markets has a limited number of educational content. This puts it in a competitive position with its peers.
Access to Trading Central Tools requires a minimum of $1,000 deposit
FirmFountain Multi Investment Ltd, a rapidly growing company, is passionate about forex trading, education and information technology "ICT". We offer consultation in all areas of our services and products.
Firm Fountain Multi Investment Ltd Pros
Ease of use
Superb customer service
Firm Fountain Multi Investment Ltd Cons
Design customization could use more work
Occasional glitches
INFINOX, a worldwide recognized FX & CFD broker has been regulated since 2009. Our presence is in more than 15 countries and offers premium client service and trading conditions worldwide. With over 100 years industry experience, our Management team is focused on clients. We can prove it.
INFINOX Capital Ltd Pros
Trade on 250+ financial CFDs
Multi-platform trading available, including MT4.
FCA regulated. ECN trading accounts available.
INFINOX Capital Ltd Cons
There are not many resources for trader education.
Capitalfield Investment Group's day can be very chaotic, but also quite interesting. As an HR advisor, you are exposed to many challenges every day. You will have to manage people of different temperaments and personalities. I have learned a lot during my time with this organization. One such lesson is the ability to take on any challenge head-on and not give up. I have grown professionally and personally.
Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd Pros
Call incentives for free
Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd Cons
There are so many meetings that take up too much of one's personal time.
Trade360's innovative mobile and web app offers more than a thousand symbols. It supports MetaTrader 5 (MT5) which makes it an excellent platform for CFD and forex trading. Trade360's educational content and market research are very limited. Spreads can also be quite expensive when compared to other platforms.
Trade360 Pros
CrowdTrading offers trading signals that are guided by sentiment data from clients.
Six account types are available (minimum deposit ranges from $250 to $100,000).
Useful thematic indices are provided with Industry Stock and Smart Collects.
With the Self-Select feature, traders can adjust their leverage per trade.
The Economic Calendar Event Detail usefully displays affected symbols.
Trade360's mobile app closely matches the web platform experience.
ASIC in Australia and CySEC Cyprus regulate them.
Trade360 Cons
Access to Trading Central Tools requires a minimum of 1,000 Euros deposit
Spreads can be expensive. They range from 1.8 to 4 pip on EUR/USD depending on the account type.
Videos of financial market news are no longer available.
Daily Market Report focuses on technical analysis of just two key symbols.
There is a limited selection of educational content. Here are a few videos and articles.
There are only 10 educational articles available.
Executions of trades sent to Belize's IFSC-regulated entity PX Exchange.
Trading 212 is best known for its mobile trading application. It offers a simple-to-use trading platform for CFD and share trading as well as a wide range of forex pairs. Trading 212 is not a top-rated broker because of its attractive platform and large selection of symbols.
Trading 212 Pros
Trading 212's intuitively designed and easy-to use web trading platform was awarded Best in Class in our annual review for its ease-of-use.
A wide range of 1,785 symbols are available for CFD trading and forex trading.
Many exotic FX pairs are supported, 16 of which are against the Bulgarian Lev.
Provides indemnity insurance above EUR 1,000,000 with excess EUR 20,000 from the Cypriot regulator.
Trading 212 Cons
Mobile app does not offer any news headlines, except for the economic calendar events.
Apart from sentiment data, the web platform only allows for snippet-like updates.
Trading 212 does not have many written articles, despite the large number of videos.
MetaTrader is currently unavailable
Our mission is to help our clients succeed and expand the financial services industry in every country where we work. We are constantly innovating and making sure that our services remain relevant. One step is enough to travel 1,000 miles according to a Chinese proverb. This is the story behind Alpari. The company was established in 1998 and has been an international broker for more than 20 years. Alpari Limited is a registered company under the Registrar of International Business Companies number 20389 IBC2012. Alpari is a member of the Financial Commission which helps in resolving Forex markets disputes.
Alpari Limited Pros
Platform compatible for trading
All types of traders can benefit from the services of caterers
Seamless technology
Alpari Limited Cons
We do not accept clients from Russia, Japan, the USA, or other countries.

What is International Trade?

All transactions between countries that involve the exchange of goods or services are considered international trade. Global trade allows for new markets to be opened for the sale and manufacture of goods and services. It also allows companies to source raw materials and produce products at lower prices, which in turn makes them more competitive. If materials or manufacturing labor are cheaper in countries that have different labor laws and government subsidies, globalization can have negative effects on local economies. In an effort to protect domestic production, governments might impose trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas on foreign trade.

International Trade Courses and Programs

Global commerce success is dependent on understanding the international business environment. Learn about the economic, social and institutional factors that affect international trade and the business environment in each country. Learn more about international trade agreements, foreign policy and how they impact international business strategy. You will learn the leadership skills necessary to drive growth across cultural and geographical boundaries. You can take online courses in international business either as a part of a MicroMasters certificate or individually. One of the many programs offered by the University of Queensland, Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters, is a program that will help you develop your business skills and expand your knowledge of global business.

Jobs in International Trade

International trade requires people who are familiar with the specific cultural, political and economic factors of each country. International trade jobs are available for product analysts, logistic experts, operations managers, logistics specialists, marketing managers and import-export business directors.

Learn about a career in International Trade

Learn more about international business and global growth by enrolling in courses. Learn more about international trade careers and how to get a job.

Take online courses offered by top schools and institutions to learn more about stock trading, measuring risk, exchange-traded money, investing strategies, and understanding the market.

What is Stocks?

It’s okay to keep reading about stock markets, but not too much. Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of the stock exchange. Stocks, also known as equities give shareholders a small share in a company. These shares are bought by investors to provide cash flow for companies and a return on investment. This could be regular income in some cases. It could also be regular income. In other cases it might be monetary value that you can withdraw based on market performance.

Learn about Stocks

You should learn all you can about the stock market before you invest. You should not invest like you would save money. Therefore, it is important to have the right knowledge in order to make informed decisions about your investments.