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Best Stock Trading Platforms allowed to trade in Nigeria. Rating with real reviews

Vantage completes its MetaTrader platform offering by adding support for multiple social trading platforms and content powered via Trading Central. Vantage is behind the industry leaders in key areas like research and education.
Vantage Pros
Vantage is regulated in two tier-1 and one tier-3 jurisdictions, making it a safe broker (average chance) to trade forex and CFDs.
Indemnity insurance is held to provide additional protection beyond what is required by regulations.
Vantage has done a great job integrating TradingView into the MetaTrader suite.
Smart Trader add-ons available for MetaTrader and multiple social-copy-trading platforms (not offered in Australia).
Vantage ranks again among the Top MetaTrader Brokers and Best Copy Trading Brokers in 2022.
Vantage Cons
Pro ECN accounts require a minimum deposit $20,000 which makes them unsuitable for budget investors.
A $1,000 deposit is required to gain access to the Pro Trader Tools powered By Trading Central.
The spreads on the Standard account are not impressive unless you deposit at minimum $10,000 to be eligible for active trader rebates.
Trading non-domestic goods can be prohibitive because of capital requirements, data costs, and transparency. Further complicating matters is the inefficiency of converting local base currency to and from foreign currency. Sometimes the gains made in investment are negatively affected by simple currency exchange.
Eagle Global Markets Pros
It’s an excellence driven work place that comes with great perks!
Eagle Global Markets Cons
If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Egmarkets pushes you to grow out of your comfort zone and get the most value out of each day.
XTB has more than 15 years of experience and is the largest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD broker in the world. There are offices in 13 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, France, Chile, and Poland. XTB is committed to providing the best trading experience for its clients. Our core values align closely with this vision. Our goal is to help clients become better investors. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a days, 5 days a semaine. We also have a large library of educational materials that includes videos, webinars, and courses for beginners as well as experienced investors.
XTB Online Trading Pros
Opening an account is easy and quick
Fast and free withdrawals
Some ETFs/stocks/ETFs have low forex CFD fees and commission-free.
XTB Online Trading Cons
Inactivity fee charged
We have limited fundamental data
CFDs limit product portfolio
XM Group, a MetaTrader-only broker, offers a remarkable selection of market research and educational content. XM is not as competitive with the best brokers in this market, due to its limited pricing and range of markets.
XM Group Pros
Offers 1,230 CFDs, which include 57 forex pairs.
In-house research is complete with Autochartist and Trading Central.
If you wish to trade non-CFD securities, the XM Shares account will require a $10,000 deposit.
Great research content, including daily videos, podcasts, organized articles, and other media.
Live recordings and TV-quality video content are available for in-house broadcasting.
An extensive selection of educational webinars, articles and Tradepedia courses.
MetaTrader Suite - Offers complete MetaTrader suite, which includes signals market for copy trading and Analyzzer algorithm.
XM Group Cons
Standard account spreads can be more expensive than industry leaders.
Average spreads for the commission-based XM Zero account are not published.


Before you trade, you must answer the question about the person’s goal. The exchange will allow a beginner to trade independently and make money. The choice is different if he prefers to trade through intermediaries.

Remember that every site is different. This choice should also be taken into consideration.

Stock Brokers’ Quality and Usability

Some platforms may have slow speeds and poor performance. This impacts both the delay in the graphic display of exchange rates as well as the timeliness of transactions. Traders get mad when it slows down. However, intraday traders who don’t trade often might not notice.

Stock Broker Regulations and Trust

Scammers have flooded this market due to the popularity of Stock Trading Platforms in Nigeria and the advancement of Internet technology. Problem is, scammers create fly-by night companies to siphon off funds. These companies do not have licenses or regulators. Many times these platforms promise huge profits and instant gold. Unfortunately, many people are gullible and lose all of their money.

This is why it’s important to choose the best Stock Trading Platform Nigeria that is owned and managed by well-respected companies that have good regulatory support and licenses.

Online security and account protection

Security and confidentiality are inherent in the platform. This depends on which stockbroker you choose.

Brokerage Account Offerings

Pay attention to the daily trading volume. High turnover is an indicator of popularity. Trading here can bring you more profits if the volume is high.

Broker Account Fees

Paid software is available at most brokers and guarantees legitimate data as well as overall reliability. If the platform is not built properly, the trader could lose more than the subscription fee.

The broker will charge a commission for his services. The commission rates for different brokers may vary greatly depending on how many shares are traded and other indicators.

Some brokers do not charge the commission to the trader. Or Stock Trading Platform with no commission. You should also be curious about hidden fees that such companies will reap the benefits of such free software.

Commissions on trading

OTC trading, in which the data does not originate from the market but is generated internally, is not important. The market date (data about buying, selling, and so on) is important. The broker will always pay for the market date (data on buying, selling an instrument, etc.). If the broker offers a free trading terminal (and consequently a complimentary market date), it is worth considering. This software is provided by the broker for no cost. However, they will still be paid some hidden fees.

Customer Service

The quality of free software is almost as good as that which costs money. Traders may face incontinences such as the inability to send orders, the inability to access the platform or total inability. The request can not be made directly to the exchange, but rather through the company hosting the platform. This is where the problem lies. A trader cannot manage it and can often be made to pay for unscrupulous companies. Make wise choices.

You can read reviews on the internet

Look at the reviews about the Nigerian trading platforms. You will find only positive reviews on each site. Only an impartial observer, or someone with experience working with Stock Trading Platforms regulated in Nigeria, can reveal the truth.

Withdrawing and depositing funds

Important details are needed when withdrawing or depositing funds. You should know what the terms are, how fast and in which currency you can deposit or withdraw funds and what payment systems they accept.

What stock trading platforms are available in Nigeria?

Nigeria is home to many stock trading platforms. Below is a short list of the most popular and highly rated Stock Trading Platforms in Nigeria.

Stock Trading Platforms Leading

Scope Markets
IG International Limited
VT Markets
Firm Fountain Multi Investment Ltd
INFINOX Capital Ltd
Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd
Trading 212
Alpari Limited

How much money are you required to invest?

It doesn’t take millions of dollars to invest in the stock markets. Start with just $10 to get started on the best Stock Trading Platform Nigeria has to offer. You will also see a greater potential for earning the more money you invest.

What if I don’t have a broker to buy stocks?

Trades can be made without the use of a broker. However, you will need to open a brokerage or dividend reinvestment/direct stock purchases account.