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Become a highly-skilled Product Manger
Cities: Ikeja, Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 8 weeks
Employment: No
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Price: N200,000
You will learn the entire product management process from ideation to market research, wireframing to prototyping and user stories to product leadership. It will take you to design a concept and create prototypes for multiple products. This is a long-term project that will be guided and supervised by the tutor. It will help you to create a portfolio.
Administrative Management Training Course
Cities: Abuja,
Number of lessons:
Course duration:
Employment: No
Administrative Management Training Course could be a valuable asset in any business environment. Bizmarrow Technology offers quality courses in Administrative Management that can help you move up the ladder and start your own business. Every successful company relies on efficient and effective office administration.
Management Training For New Managers
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 1 day
Employment: No
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Price: $1095
This Management Training for New Managers course covers all essential topics that will help delegates become familiar with the skills required to be a manager. They will be taught about their roles and responsibilities as managers during this course. They will learn how to manage underperformers, delegation, handling feedback and managing their behaviour. This course will be conducted by a highly qualified trainer who has years of experience in teaching management training. It will equip delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill their manager roles and responsibilities.
Cities: Ikeja,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 1 month
Employment: No
Every sector has projects; skilled professionals are always needed. Sectors that require Project Managers with the right skills; Oil and Gas Telecommunications. Power and Energy Construction. Information Technology Aviation. NGO's & Consulting companies International Organizations (WHO/USAID, UNDP/World Bank, etc. ). BENEFITS Be a skilled and knowledgeable professional. Project Management qualifications can increase your earning potential. No matter your background, you can apply for jobs in any industry. You can apply for international positions with your Project Management qualifications. You can be promoted to a position. No matter what your qualifications, you can switch jobs or industries. Opportunities to develop into a professional in a variety of disciplines.
Project Scheduling Management
Cities: Abuja, Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration:
Employment: No
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Price: ₦ 110,000
Project scheduling is about identifying the resources needed to complete the project and using that information to create a schedule for the team. Project success is dependent on the ability to begin and complete work within the set dates. Many projects are facing major problems in completing their projects on time. This course will focus on the useful tool of the project schedule. This course will teach you how to create realistic schedules and keep track of progress.
Conflict Management
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 1 Day
Employment: No
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Price: N73,500
This course will teach participants how to identify the causes of conflict and how to manage them. This course covers conflict management techniques that can be used by individuals within an organization to resolve workplace conflicts. It also helps them develop a common understanding and framework to help with dealing with challenging situations.

This post will teach you how to become project manager in Nigeria. This article will provide information about the various courses available in Nigeria for project management and how to become certified. This article will help you to improve your career as project manager by providing information on how to acquire these skills.

What is a Project Manager?

Project managers are responsible for overseeing and executing projects within the business environment. Project managers must manage a budget when managing projects. They also have to organize and motivate their staff in order to complete the project on schedule.
Project managers must manage time and resources. Project managers who are skilled in managing time and resources can work within a tight budget while still delivering quality work.
It is not easy to become a project manager. You will need to obtain a certification and then learn many other essential project management skills that you will use on the job.
Without certification, you could become a project manager. A project management degree will be your best chance of success in this field. This article will quickly guide you through everything you need to know to become a Nigerian project manager.

Certifications and Education required to become a Project Manager for Nigeria.

As we mentioned, to become a project manager you will need a degree in project management.
Two types of project management certifications are very popular: the Certified Associated in Project Management, (CAPM), and Project Management Professional (PMP), both available at schools in Nigeria.
There is a difference between the two degrees. While you will need to have at least 4500 hours of work experience and a degree in project management to qualify for the PMP certification, you don’t need to have any prior project management experience nor the degree required to take CAPM courses.
After completing your project management courses you will need to pass the exam according to your degree in project management. You will need to study Project Management if you are taking the PMP or CAPM exams.
You should also review the Exam content guidelines. These outline the content of each section of the exam and provide study materials to help you prepare.
The CAPM exam has 150 questions. It can be taken online, or in a test centre. The PMP exam has 200 questions. Only a test centre can take the PMP exam. After passing the exams, your certification will be issued.
Once you have obtained your certification, it is mandatory that you maintain it regularly. You will need to pass the CAPM exam at least once every five years. To maintain your PMP certification, you will need to complete 60 professional development units (PDUs).
You can earn the PDUs online, in person or by giving presentations about your project management certification and volunteering your services for certain organizations.

Tips to be a successful project manager in Nigeria

One of the best tips for project managers in Nigeria is to never stop learning and improving.
Project management is an ever-evolving field. Every day brings new challenges and requires new skills.
You must also be open to learning new methods. Don’t assume that you know everything or have the answers.
Every task or project you take on is an opportunity for you to improve and learn. Be creative and dynamic in your thinking.
In order to successfully complete projects, there are no set rules. There is no one best way to do a project. There will always be new solutions to different problems. Be creative. You can think outside of the box. You can be creative with your imagination.
This will help you to become a better project manager. Finally, grow your network. Your network should include your team as well as any meaningful connections that can help you advance in your career.
Everywhere you go, build meaningful relationships. You should connect with project managers who are more experienced than you. Take inspiration from them.
You will be able to avoid making the same mistakes as them and make things better for yourself. No matter how skilled you are, you will always be learning and improving. Be better than a failure. Success will come as you get better.