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Swimming Lessons in Lagos
We will teach you how to swim. Our swimming lessons have been taught in Nigeria for over 10 years. To create a safe swimming environment.
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 10 hours
Employment: No
Goldfish Level 1 & 2
Your Child will learn: Gentle water submersion techniques. Beginner breath control exercises. How to swim 3 feet independently.How to float on their back.
Price: ₦ 57,000
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 4 hours
Employment: No
Apart from being the most populous of the ten sections of this Club, the Swimming Section has particular consideration for our children (Children). Our children have a modern baby-pool that was built not too long ago. Our Swimming Section has the best atmosphere in the Club. This Section is for all guests and members. Doctors often recommend water therapy. Swimming can help you feel balanced psychologically.
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 10 hours
Employment: No
In this section you will learn all about Badminton. We will teach both a beginner and a well-trained athlete.
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration:
Employment: No
A one-on-one session will be held with a professional instructor. He/she will follow all safety guidelines and provide a customized framework to enable everyone to learn to swim.
Price: ₦ 80,000
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 8 hours
Employment: No
Basic & Survival Swimming Courses
You will learn unique curriculum has been developed to train our students. Our team of certified coaches is available to help our students.
Cities: Lagos,
Number of lessons:
Course duration: 1.5 hours
Employment: No

Swimming is a lifelong sport. Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, height, or strength. It’s not like other sports that you must give up on later in your life.
Anyone can learn to SWIM LIKE a PRO with the right guidance and support.

Swimming is a sport that requires a certain technique.

You can either swim at a slow pace or at a relaxed pace and not become exhausted.
Swimming with a balanced body and legs is key to swimming well.
By enrolling in one of our offline swimming lessons in Nigeria, you can learn to swim with an instructor.
Swimming is a life-skill that has many benefits. Swimming lessons not only make it fun and safe in the water, but also teach valuable life skills that can be used in other areas. Swimming improves your confidence. This is especially true for girls who have a doubled their confidence.
A swim school membership can help your child socialize with others. People who swim have more friends . Swimming confidently is a prerequisite for many water sports, including kayaking, surfing, and diving.
There is no age limit for swimming lessons. It all depends on you and your child.

Is there a best age to begin swimming lessons?

To help you determine the right age to start swimming lessons, consider your child’s maturity and physical development.

What should I look out for when looking for swimming training in Nigeria?

When choosing lessons in swimming, there are many things to take into consideration.

It’s important for younger children to ask these questions:

Are they being taught in a class that is appropriate for their age?

Is the class too structured/complex/as much as they can handle?
Is the instructor using games to keep your child’s attention and help them learn?
Is the instructor always within reach of an adult? Parents/carers are required for children younger than 4 years old to participate in the lesson.
Are they able to drink the water at a temperature that is comfortable?

These questions can be used to help you choose a swimming school for your child, no matter what age they are.

What is the number of children in the class?

What qualifications do the instructors have?

Will they be poolside or in the pool?
What safety tips will the course teach your child? (e.g. How to behave around water and what to do if you are in trouble with the water
You can either make the lessons conform to a specific structure or allow your child to advance using levels, achievements and other methods.
These things should be considered in relation to your child. If your child isn’t able to do well in large group, then they may not be able to swim with 20 other children. A class with the instructor in the pool may be better if your child is anxious about getting in the water. It’s important to remember that children learn best in a fun environment.
Pay attention to the list at the top of this page. So that you can find the right swimming training course for you, we have compiled a list of the best in Nigeria.