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OctaFKh – Your reliable partner in the Forex market. Forex traders can rely on us to make the best trading decisions. It’s possible to see it in action. We offer exceptional services to help you access the Forex market. Clear and precise management of your funds, transparent trading conditions, and an easy-to-use service to handle all other matters that could distract you from making a profit are some of the things we guarantee. We provide the tools and knowledge to help you trade responsibly and efficiently. We strive to improve our standards and conditions every year in order to give you the best trading experience possible with OctaFX, the #1 Forex broker. Year-on-year improvements in Forex trading conditions. Forex outreach helps people get to the market. We measure success by offering cost-effective trading conditions and transparent services worldwide, no matter what the expectations of our clients.

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Last reviews for "OctaFX"
  • Adewale

    It was fully automated and extremely advanced.

  • Meghna

    These are not to be trusted. I think it's only a matter time before they are closed down. It is possible that the brains behind this company are a pimply-faced teenager working from the dark corners in his bedroom.

  • Patra

    Unprofessional service! Very unprofessional service!

  • rom_m

    Recently, I completed the funded trader challenge. I was able to achieve just over the 15k profit target. I have screenshots of each trade that were taken if anyone is interested.

  • Challa

    The broker is not licensed and the website of the broker is not protected.

  • Bhattacharyya

    False signals, fake reviews and worth $hit

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