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Vantage is a multi-asset global broker that offers clients access to a powerful and flexible service to trade CFDs on Forex. Commodities, Indices. Shares. Vantage, a company with more than ten years of experience in the market and headquartered out of Sydney, now employs over 1,000 people across 30 offices around the world.

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  • Ramirez
    2022-05-12 08:20:45

    Don't believe what they tell you. It is a hoax. After two months of searching through fake helpers, I finally found a real person to repair all the damage they caused to my account. Avoid them like the plague It's not worth your time.

  • George
    2022-05-12 08:20:43

    They scam you with credit. Half of my earnings are converted into credit that I'm not able to withdraw. Robotic customer service.. Well-planned fraud

  • Neelam
    2022-05-12 08:20:43

    Vantagemarkets offers a service that even exceeds the expectations of professionals. The prices and quotes are very competitive.

  • Hakeem
    2022-05-12 08:20:41

    Waiting for withdrawal for more than 2 weeks. You keep asking for the exact same documents repeatedly. It's a waste of money. you won't get it back

  • Sejo
    2022-05-12 08:20:40

    This is my first year, and I'm starting to earn.

  • Adusu
    2022-05-12 08:20:39

    Great broker. Spreads extremely low Providers provide deep liquidity. Everything is working as it should. No complaints. Solid.

  • Willy
    2022-05-12 08:20:38

    As a scalper, it is important for me to get a response from the platform and the servers. I need my orders filled quickly. Unfortunately, the platform freezes often just when you need it most. It freezes almost every day at New York's open.

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