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CFDs can be complex instruments that are subject to high leverage and have a high chance of losing money quickly. This provider loses 74.07% of retail investor funds when they trade CFDs. It is important to understand the basics of CFDs and assess whether you are able to afford to lose your money. This information is not intended to be used as investment advice.

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  • Peet
    2022-05-12 08:21:04

    My friend referred me and they gave me a bonus of $30 to trade. I made a nice profit of $35, but they refused to pay me. It was a horrible experience.

  • Deselas
    2022-05-12 08:21:03

    You should not replenish your account by xm. This will cause problems when withdrawing. They do not have a simple deposit or withdrawal policy. They don't want clients to stay with them. I switched to another broker, whose policy was designed to make it easy for clients

  • Manyan
    2022-05-12 08:21:02

    I received my non deposit bonus! They closed my account without any valid reason as soon as I made profit! XM is a fraud, don't loose your money

  • Mary
    2022-05-12 08:21:00

    Everything went smoothly and they blocked my account when I hit withdraw. They also said that no further communications would be made.

  • Pol
    2022-05-12 08:20:55

    I have dealt with many brokers, but what I like about XM is the support. Roman, my Account Manager, has helped me resolve all issues. This company has so much more to offer. They have been making changes, and it is a sign that they are never satisfied. We look forward to seeing more exciting updates!

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